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CEF is Launching Taoba FF

Culture and Education Foundation is happy to present its new initiative – Taoba Youth Film Festival

Taoba will be jointly organized by the National Palace and CEF. The project will be held at the National Palace on the dates March 29 – April 2, 2018, in the framework of the 100 years anniversary of the First Democratic Republics of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. Starting in 2019, Taoba will become one of the hugest international youth film festivals in the region.

The model of the festival is based on the best foreign practice, through film screenings, discussions, workshops, and masterclasses Taoba aim to develop young people’s critical and analytical thinking and stimulate dialogue between young people on important issues such as bullying, discrimination, and human right, among others.
Taoba is actively working with diplomatic missions and various international organizations.

The main aim of the festival is developing young audience and using film as a tool for civic education. In 2018 Taoba will last 5 days, and 300 youngsters (aged 13-18) will participate in it every day. Taoba participants will be selected by the committee on the bases of received motivation letters. There is no participation fee, all activities are free of charge.

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